Our Approach



MACH Global Solutions uses interviews, research and observations to conduct a comprehensive service audit. To meet your objectives, our Consulting Services team will hold Information Gathering Meetings and perform Gap Assessments of your programs to better understand your business needs. The results are used during project planning to identify the required resources and timelines that will ensure a successful outcome. Our team consists of Project Management Professionals and Technical Experts in various disciplines. Their initial review of your activities will provide you with information that you can use to make informed decisions regarding how to proceed with your program. With changing business needs, regulatory and customer requirements, and international standard expectations, our Audit Services team will provide you with a report on the performance of your system.  This performance review may then be used to determine improvement actions and  resource needs.


We identify the technology, training and processes required to take your system and your team to a higher level of performance. We pride ourselves in being able to offer realistic, pragmatic options to ensure achievement of intended outcome. By establishing your business needs, we are able to meet or exceed your expectations and are committed to providing the best possible solutions through our Consulting Services and Project Management Services. We value your time. In everything we do, we opt to "keep it simple" without compromising efficiency or effectiveness.


Our clients are leaders in their respective business areas and we align ourselves with companies who are committed to seeking ways of elevating their performance. We believe in the principle of continual improvement. Creating  improvement solutions is second nature to our team. Through our Project Management Services and Consulting Services, we collaborate with clients to implement activities to not only close identified gaps, but also to establish action plans that facilitate the ongoing review and improvement of management systems. Your team members will find themselves better equipped to perform duties once they take advantage of our customized or standardized Training Services.


Your success is our focus.  Our Consulting Services include activities ranging from program development and documentation, to conducting Internal Audits, or Management Review Meeting facilitation. We provide mechanisms customized to your business and designed to ensure the maintenance of your programs so they remain relevant and effective. We offer assistance to your team leaders through our Coaching and Mentoring Services. Our flexible approach allows us to provide a successful partnership with your team. Our Competence Management Services include activities such as the identification of the education and training needs of your team member and assistance with establishing a Training Plan, which includes ongoing assessment of your resources and the effectiveness of your Training program.

Our Solutions